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10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

If you're not converting site visitors into buyers, it's time to reevaluate and improve. Here are 10 quick tips to optimize your conversion rate.

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10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

A key goal of every eCommerce website is conversion. While high traffic volume is highly desirable, what good is having millions of visitors if they are not engaging with your site and taking action? If you are not converting shoppers into buyers, it is time to reevaluate and improve. 

No matter where your conversion rate currently stands (the industry average is 2.35%) it can always be better. Here are 10 quick, actionable tips for optimizing your conversion rate and ultimately, your sales and profits. 

1. Create a Clear Value Prop

A rock-solid value proposition is the most important step in improving your conversion rate optimization (CRO). Without a strong, convincing answer when customers ask, “What’s in it for me?” they will likely go somewhere else. Clearly state the benefits of your products. Tell visitors exactly what they are going to get and why they should buy from you. Getting to these answers may necessitate deep reflection about what makes your company and products unique. Aim to be able to summarize your value proposition in ten words or less. 

2. Humanize Your Business

“People ultimately choose to do business with people they like, and everyone likes someone who appreciates them,” says Amy Rees Anderson in Forbes. Even online shoppers want to feel like they are doing business with actual people, not faceless corporations, and they want warm, memorable experiences. That is why personalization is so essential. Give your organization authenticity by connecting directly with customers through video, pop-ups, social media, and live chat. Highlight testimonials and reviews. Make websites fun to interact with through personalized, hype-free content, graphics, and photos. 

Florent Defontis, Air360 Founder and VP of Air360 at Scalefast, notes that pairing personalization with user segmentation can have a dynamic effect on CRO. “User segmentation with personalization is a much-overlooked power that can do wonders,” he says. “Most brands do not use user segmentation at all, or only for analysis. There is no such thing as a perfect UX. There are actually multiple perfect UX for different groups of customers.” 

Screengrab of Air360 funnel tool that shows users how to improve their conversion rates
Caption: Analytics tools that combine user experience data will provide brands with actionable insights that can be used to improve conversion rates. Look for tools that offer the easy creation of sales funnels and dashboards to display key eCommerce analytics. 

3. Establish a Sales Funnel

Establishing an eCommerce sales funnel that follows the basic fundamentals of awareness, interest, desire, and sales is vitally important. An effective sales funnel maps each step of the customer journey and identifies what brands need to do at each stage to ensure an excellent customer experience. Every eCommerce business will have a unique sales funnel based on its business structure. The challenge is making each step as simple as possible.  Satisfied customers will give repeat and referral business which leads to higher conversion rates and sales. Bottom line: know what makes your customers tick, and they are more likely to click. 

4. Create Quality Content

When it comes to your eCommerce site’s content, words matter. If your customers do not find useful information during the first few seconds of reading, they are not likely to engage further. Content should be engaging, readable, and informative. Use alluring, jargon-free words that describe your products and services in a helpful and entertaining manner. Use big, bold text in interesting, eye-catching colors. Lastly, never forget the power of a strong headline. It is the hook that will lure customers into reading and hopefully buying. 

5. Harness the Power of CTAs

An effective call to action (CTA) gives customers a clear directive and communicates the value to be gained from following through. No matter where they are featured on an eCommerce website, strategically placed and carefully worded CTAs spark customer interest and guide them through the sales funnel journey toward checkout. Use short, tangible action verbs that evoke urgency. Visually, CTAs should always be high-visibility and high-contrast. Think striking colors and a design that motivates customers to click. 

Photograph of UX designer sketching website wireframes to improve conversion rates

6. Create Urgency

Making customers feel as if they are about to miss out on a fantastic opportunity can have a powerful impact on sales and increase your conversion rate. Creating urgency is not about inducing panic. It is about compelling customers to act quickly. Urgency can reduce or eliminate buyer hesitation and trigger purchases from impulse buyers and those who are on the fence. Here are some effective ways to harness the power of urgency:

  • Set deadlines and expiration dates
  • Provide low stock warnings
  • Add shopping cart countdown timers
  • Offer limited free same-day shipping
  • Offer bonus incentives
  • Show how many people bought products in the last 24 hours 
  • Send “last chance” pop-up or email notifications

7. Build for Speed

Studies show that 40% of people bounce from a site that takes more than three seconds to load. This is especially true for mobile sites, as a one-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. That is why it is imperative to continually test your desktop and mobile speeds, and then do what is necessary to optimize and streamline your sites. When it comes to customer retention and higher conversion rates, there is not a moment to waste. 

8. Optimize Your Mobile Site

With customer conversion in mind, brands must never overlook the importance of mobile site optimization. Less is more when it comes to mobile. Your mobile site should be responsive, distraction-free, tap-friendly, and built for speed. Utilizing hamburger menus and accordions will simplify and streamline navigation. Keep the links and images away from important forms. Given that 79% of smartphone users made an online purchase through their mobile devices in 2020, catering to mobile users is a critical part of your eCommerce marketing strategy. 

9. Use Heatmaps to Visualize Data

Are customers engaging with your eCommerce site the way you anticipated? To zero in on what parts of your eCommerce site are hot or not, take advantage of heatmaps. Quite simply, a heatmap is a visual summary of web browsing data where values are represented by colors. Heatmapping software will pinpoint exactly where customers are clicking, what actions they are taking, and the areas of highest (or lowest) engagement rates. By knowing what customers focus on most, you can tweak content, CTAs, and other essential site elements in real-time for maximum optimization and higher conversion rates.

Screen capture of Air360 user experience analytics reporting dashboard that shows covnersion rates
Caption: User experience analytics and conversion rate optimization tools like Air360 help brands dig into the details behind what’s driving their conversion. The insightful and actionable data surfaced by Air360 explains the ‘why’ behind customer activity and intent on your site, so eCommerce leaders can make improvements to their UX and site content to improve conversions. 

10. Create a Hoop-Free Checkout Process

Cart abandonment is a very real concern that every eCommerce business needs to deal with. In fact, the global cart abandonment rate currently stands at 75.6%. With rates that high, brands must provide a refined, convenient, and appealing checkout process that is easy and simple to use. While it might be impossible to completely eliminate cart abandonment, it is possible to streamline the checkout process to improve your conversion rate. Here are some tips for designing a seamless checkout experience: 

  • Make checkout forms easy to understand and fill
  • Do not require registration before checking out
  • Remove unnecessary fields and unneeded steps
  • Use analytics data to create a better customer experience

Once customers have reached the end zone, do not make them jump through hoops. Optimizing the checkout process will go a long way toward lowering cart abandonment and raising conversions. 

A Bonus Tip from a CRO Expert

Defontis notes that utilizing a North Star Metric is a powerful way to accurately capture a brand’s core value and reflect the direction the business is moving in. “Many brands still don’t use the North Star Metric, which is a very simple but effective way to increase your conversion rate,” he says. 

Using some or all of these handy CRO tips should significantly improve conversion rates. Want to achieve even better results? Discover Air360, an invaluable tool for optimizing digital experiences and unlocking full CRO potential.

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