The Limitations of Magento

Operating an eCommerce business at scale in today’s fiercely competitive, fast-changing global marketplace requires numerous skill sets and a complex technology stack, all working in tandem.

Why A Performance-Based eCommerce Solution Will Work Harder For Your Brand

The marketplace for eCommerce platforms and providers is growing increasingly complex. Even as pricing and engagement models proliferate among the various vendors, the top question remains the same for every eCommerce business owner: Which of these providers will help me grow my business the most at the lowest cost?

6 Ways eCommerce Brands can Compete Against Amazon

Boasting net annual revenue of over $135 billion, 43% of U.S. online retail market share, and 53 percent growth in 2016, Amazon is the undisputed Goliath of eCommerce. But that doesn’t mean you should just bow down to this retail behemoth; there are plenty of ways to compete against even the biggest of eCommerce players. The key is to find ways to differentiate your product and exploit Amazon’s vulnerabilities (yes, they do exist).

The Challenges of Operating eCommerce Subscription Businesses

Subscription programs can strengthen customer loyalty, reduce inventory risk, increase the lifetime value of each customer and boost ROI. And consumers have learned to love them. The growth of subscription box services has been exponential over the past four years.

Bandai Namco Europe Launches New European Online Store Created By Scalefast

European fans of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment can now buy exclusive collector’s editions, new videogame releases and their favorite BANDAI NAMCO gamer gear online as Scalefast, a leading full-service e-commerce solution for brands, launches the publisher’s new online store for the European market. This is an important addition to BANDAI NAMCO’s global eCommerce strategy, increasing its reach across EMEA Markets. Visit the official eCommerce site at

Still on Magento 1? Time to Consider a Full-Service eCommerce Solution

If you’re running your eCommerce site on Magento 1, you’re most likely aware that the company set an end-of-life date of November, 2018, for this older version of its platform. No new features or security patches will be added after this date. Consequently, Magento is pushing current users to upgrade to Magento 2.