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Build stronger, lasting, direct relationships with your customers. Scalefast’s Enterprise Commerce Cloud gives your customers the most intuitive shopping experience with a personal touch.




Pre-orders, backorders, refunds and more.


Personalize your store to bring back repeat customers.


Connect your Scalefast store to the eCommerce tools you need.

The biggest digital entertainment brands choose Scalefast for their eCommerce

Digital game producer or not, it is critical that your eCommerce store engages your passionate fans with a brand experience that matches their high expectations. Learn why some of the biggest gaming publishers, such as Square Enix, trust Scalefast’s powerful platform, global infrastructure and operational expertise for the success of their complex online stores.

How We Do It

Turning data into delightful experiences for customers and revenue for our clients.

What kind of data is collected

There are over half a billion data points that can be collected on eCommerce shops.

Who can use this data?

We’ve made the data as easy to use as possible, no PHD’s required. Our behavioral analytics engine records, filters, and provides actionable insights in real-time. Use it to find anomalies on your site, to customize the experience for your customers, or for routine reporting.

Powerful Automatic Segmentation

Most data platforms make it tough to narrow in on your customer’s segments and then when you do want to make a segment, you have to spend development resources to tag, segment, and then analyze. We automatically tag customer segments for you so that you can take a more granular view of your customers. Those segments are then made available in our platform to customize the site for your customers.

Did you know?

Scalefast serves consumers in 240+ countries and territories

See the results

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L'Oréal's Friends & Family store was developed in just 60 days, and deployed to offer a 5-day/100-hour specialty sale. Designed for an English-language market with AUD currency and Scalefast as the merchant of record, the gated specialty sale store was created with both maximum functionality and ultimate sales capture in mind.


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WotC turned to Scalefast for its expertise and capability in producing flawless flash sales. Scalefast now supports high-volume, high velocity flash sales that WotC needed with expanded global reach including fast and safe international shipping with DDP and secure localized payment options on all stores.

Wizards of the Coast

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Scalefast built a platform for Square Enix that was specially equipped to handle extremely high sales velocity (up to 350 orders per second) while maintaining industry-leading fraud protection (10x lower than industry) without slowing conversion rates.

Square Enix

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