How eCommerce Technology Is Accelerating the DTC CBD Industry

DTC CBD brands have found selling online to be a natural fit. From online quizzes to subscription email lists, eCommerce technology is essential for CBD brands to grow and prosper.

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By Scalefast Team on September 14, 2021 • Blog, eCommerce

Trends Analysis: Recyclable, Refillable and Reusable Packaging Enters the DTC Beauty Mainstream

One of 2021’s biggest eCommerce trends is a growing demand for beauty brands to become more environmentally responsible. As a result of this, reusable and refillable products are top of mind for eco-conscious consumers.

The Rise of Micro-Fulfillment Centers in eCommerce

Online grocery shopping has become increasingly popular due to the pandemic. Retailers have quickly adopted micro-fulfillment centers to keep up with demand and meet delivery expectations.

How Retailers Can Prepare for Cookie-Less eCommerce

Third-party cookies have driven the online economy for the past two decades but soon, they will be phased out. eCommerce brands can now start preparing for the cookie-less future.