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11 Ways to Improve eCommerce Customer Service

Good customer service across chat, email, and phone is what sets DTC eCommerce retailers apart in a crowded marketplace. Discover 11 strategies to start implementing across your customer success teams now.

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10 Tips for Improving eCommerce Search Functionality

One of the most foundational elements of your online store is the product search bar. Learn what features and functions to implement now for maximum customer benefit and improved conversions.

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Why the Future of eCommerce is in China

Nowhere is eCommerce more imaginative or widely-adopted than in China. From mobile commerce, social media, livestreaming, and digital wallets, we break down the major trends propelling Chinese eCommerce into the future.

photo of woman logging into computer and using online customer account

Four Key Strategies for Effective Customer Accounts

Customer accounts are an incredibly valuable store feature for eCommerce retail sites. From data acquisition and personalization, to customer service and rewards, here are a few strategies for getting the greatest benefit out of the customer account features on your online store.

illustration of woman on tablet shopping an eCommerce flash sales. eCommerce flash sales are a popular way of driving revenue and increasing demand for DTC retailers.

The Most Popular eCommerce Flash Sale Events

Flash sales, product drops, and other sale-as-marketing events are a lucrative way for DTC retailers to drive demand and increase revenue. Find inspiration in these popular flash sale events in advance of your next event.

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The Must-Haves to Look for in an eCommerce Solutions Provider

DTC brands need trusted partners to scale up their international distribution channels. Here are three tips for finding the best eCommerce solutions provider for your business.

Image of customer experience and user experience (UX) designers working on project together to improve metrics and conversion for website

Customer and User Experience Metrics to Track Now

Metrics are essential for brands hoping to improve their customer and user experience online. Advanced analytics tools can uncover actionable insights for improving conversion rates. Here are the four user experience metrics you need to track for improved sales

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Preparing for Peak Demand

Without proper preparation, even the most established brands can struggle during product launches. Here’s how to prepare your site for peak productivity.

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Customer Data Acquisition is Next Big Thing in Tech

The consumer electronics (CE) industry is developing new devices that gobble up customer data from unlikely sources.