2021 Q4 Trends for eCommerce Retailers

As eCommerce enters Q4 of the 2021 business year, the numbers look even better due to the upcoming busy holiday shopping period. Here are the key trends you need to know about.

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By Scalefast Team on September 16, 2021 • Blog, eCommerce

Common eCommerce Personalization Strategies

Personalization leads consumers to buy more and come back more often. Buyers now expect that brands collect information about them and then tailor their experience to match.

8 Ways DTC eCommerce Beauty Brands Use Self-Assessments to Sell More

Online quizzes can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed that can come with online shopping, help customers find the right product and personalize the customer experience.

Follow These 7 Experts to Stay on Top of Fast-Changing Retail & eCommerce Trends

Here are seven experts that will help you stay informed and educated on all things DTC, eCommerce, and retail.

The New Normal for eCommerce Has Arrived: Is Your Brand Ready?

While changes in the first two quarters of 2020 came abruptly and seemingly without warning, direct-to-consumer (DTC) retailers have had an entire year to adapt. The new normal for eCommerce is all about customer experience.

Scalefast Successfully Completes SOC 2 Examination

Scalefast announced today that they have successfully completed the Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2®) Type 1 audit.