Emerging Consumer Profiles and How eCommerce Retailers Can Cater to Them

These emerging consumer profiles will have a big impact on the future of eCommerce and retail. There are four consumer segments and ways that brands can meet the expectations of the future customer.

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By Scalefast Team on October 5, 2021 • Blog, eCommerce

3 Common eCommerce Compliance Challenges and How to Prepare for Them

With the right eCommerce partner, scaling digital storefronts and meeting regulatory requirements is possible. Here are a few of the most common compliance challenges.

Convert Upsells and Impulse Buys in eCommerce

For eCommerce merchants, upselling and online impulse buys are natural ways to use data you’re already collecting. Converting your rich customer and shopping data into actionable insights makes impulse buying easy for customers.

5 Automated Marketing Strategies for eCommerce

Automated marketing provides consumers with content that boosts conversion rates and helps businesses better understand their potential customers. It saves time, increases personalization, optimizes leads, and is cost-effective.

A woman sprays haircare product onto her hair

Trends Analysis: Why Hair Care Is the Next Big Beauty Trend in DTC eCommerce

While the Covid-19 pandemic helped enable the new hair care trend, experts predict it will not be a passing phase. DTC eCommerce brands recognized the growing popularity and have stepped up to meet consumer demands.

Photo of minimal closet and clothing rack in modern living space. Consumer minimalism is a new trend that's shifting eCommerce consumption patterns

Marie Kondo and Consumer Minimalism: Are Shifting Attitudes Changing eCommerce?

Understand what consumer minimalism and Marie Kondo’s KonMari method means for changing attitudes about consumer trends and eCommerce brands.

Trend Analysis: The Buy Now Pay Later Revolution

Forget credit cards, consumers are turning to fintech startups to finance their online purchases. Welcome to the world of Buy Now Pay Later.

Level Up: What Luxury Brands can Learn from the Gaming Industry

Luxury eCommerce can learn more from the gaming industry than many would think. Here are some ways luxury brands can level-up.

What DTC Brands Need to Know About Sales Events As a Marketing Strategy

What DTC Brands Need to Know About Sales Events As a Marketing Strategy Ask an old-school retailer how to drum up new business and chances are high they’ll suggest holding a sales event. Sales are a tried and tested retail tactic for brick and mortar stores, but they aren’t as commonplace among their online counterparts. … Continue reading “What DTC Brands Need to Know About Sales Events As a Marketing Strategy”