A Quarter of U.S. Consumers Would Try a New Beauty or Wellness Product If They Knew It Was Sustainable

New Scalefast beauty & wellness reports reveal crucial efficiency opportunities for beauty and wellness brands.

New Scalefast beauty and wellness reports reveal crucial efficiency opportunities for beauty and wellness brands to partner with end-to-end eCommerce solutions to boost sustainability and profit

LOS ANGELES – July 15, 2021 – Scalefast, a Los Angeles-based digital commerce solution that is changing the way modern brands do direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce, released the first of a pair of reports, “Beauty Digital Hype Report: Shoppers and Sustainability” and “Beauty Digital Hype Report: Generational Rifts in Shopping Behavior,” revealing that U.S. consumers lean toward sustainability in their personal lives and expect the beauty and wellness brands they purchase to do the same.

The study, conducted online with the third-party research firm YouGov, uncovered not only consumer attitudes towards sustainability efforts from beauty and wellness brands, but the generational divides driving purchases in the industry. You can access the full report, “Beauty Digital Hype Report: Shoppers and Sustainability” here, and “Beauty Digital Hype Report: Generational Rifts in Shopping Behavior” to come.

Building Sustainability and Trust into the Supply Chain

Scalefast’s “Beauty Digital Hype Report: Shoppers and Sustainability” found that 61 percent of all beauty and wellness consumers rate a brand caring about sustainability efforts as somewhat to very important when purchasing a beauty/wellness product. That said, 21 percent don’t trust that brands are as sustainable as they claim and 25 percent don’t know how to tell if a product is sustainable at all. Meanwhile, 21 percent of beauty and wellness consumers would be willing to pay more for sustainable products, 25 percent would be more willing to try a new beauty/wellness brand if they knew it was sustainable, and more would even make sacrifices like accepting less packaging (38%) or longer wait times (28%) – revealing crucial efficiency opportunities brands like those leveraging Scalefast can achieve through partnering with an end-to-end eCommerce solution.

“A huge desire for sustainable beauty/wellness products combined with a gap in consumer trust and education provides a massive opening for brands like those leveraging Scalefast to better communicate with customers around how they are implementing sustainability into their products and supply chains,” said Olivier Schott, founder and CMO of Scalefast. “Thirty-five percent of consumers want transparency and education on brands’ sustainability efforts. Our goal is to help beauty and wellness brands better identify where in their respective operations they can move towards more sustainable practices and in turn create profits and loyalty in the process.”

Sustainability in 2026

It’s clear that sustainability is not going away and pressure to adopt sustainable supply chains and business models will increase over time – 84 percent of beauty and wellness consumers would like to see beauty/wellness brands and retailers taking action towards sustainability challenges over the next five years. Nearly half of these consumers report cutting down on the waste created by shipping (46%) and helping to recycle items that are easy to dispose of (46%) as top ways beauty brands should reduce their impact; other selections included collaboration with sustainable organizations to promote overall carbon offset (28%) and a commitment to vegan & cruelty-free products (27%).

Generational Attitudes Towards Beauty and Wellness

Scalefast’s “Beauty Digital Hype Report: Generational Rifts in Shopping Behavior” found a generational divide among consumers when it comes to their attitudes towards beauty and wellness in general that brands must consider. Younger generations have a different level of comfortability with digital shopping and ownership over personal data than previous generations. Nearly a quarter of Gen Z (23%) and millennial (24%) beauty and wellness consumers are more confident in making a beauty/wellness purchase online when it has an industry expert and/or influencer testimonial, compared to just 5 percent for those 55 and older.

Gen Z beauty and wellness consumers who would prefer to utilize one or more of a list of tools provided when making beauty and/or wellness purchases online (excluding those that chose “None of these”) are also least concerned with shopping for beauty/wellness products on sites that promote data security, with only 18% preferring to use a site that promotes stronger data security compared with millennials (30%) and those 55 and older at a significant 50 percent.

Furthermore, a quarter of those Gen Z (25%) and millennial (25%) beauty consumers selecting at least one of the tools or features tested indicate they would prefer to utilize shoppable video content on social media platforms like TikTok, compared to only 5 percent of those 55 and older. Those ages 18-34 are also nearly twice as interested in leveraging technology features such as AR/VR tools to preview beauty/wellness products before they purchase (21%) than those 55 and older (11%), and over three times as interested in using voice assistants like Alexa for tools when shopping for beauty/wellness products (15% vs. 4%).

In terms of new payment methods, among those selecting at least one tool or feature, millennials expressed the highest level of interest in Buy Now Pay Later options at 36% when using tools to shop online for beauty/wellness products, more than twice as much as those 55 and older (17%). This reveals several implications brands should consider for younger shoppers, including working with eCommerce solutions that can easily personalize the shopping experience for audience segments based on age, geography, education or other available demographic information.


All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 1161 US adults who purchase beauty and wellness products. Fieldwork was undertaken between 21st – 24th May 2021. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adult beauty/wellness consumers (aged 18+).

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