CashShield Partners with Scalefast to Raise the Bar on Fraud Protection

Scalefast announced a partnership with CashShield, an industry-leading fraud management solution specializing in big data and pattern recognition. Leveraging the strength of CashShield’s user authentication services, Scalefast will be able to unlock the full potential of its clients’ online businesses.

Using big data and pattern recognition, both Scalefast and CashShield empower merchants to maximize their revenue and minimize fraud. With their focus on combining full automation with accuracy and speed in risk assessment, CashShield and Scalefast completely eliminates the need for costly and lengthy manual reviews while boosting the number of genuine transactions accepted. As an industry leader, CashShield is the first in the world to provide a 100% Chargeback Protection since its inception in 2008.

Brands today may struggle to sell directly to consumers online because of the time, costs, and risks involved in developing an effective e-commerce strategy,” said Nicolas Stehle, CEO at Scalefast. “CashShield is another arrow in Scalefast’s quiver that helps us mitigate these risks for our customers, fulfilling their true revenue potential while minimizing their vulnerability to targeted fraud attacks. This partnership gives us the confidence to diversify our product offerings and look towards expanding into new geographical territories.

“Scalefast has plugged a gap in e-commerce by providing an elegant solution for its customers to overcome the risks of online growth, allowing them to expand seamlessly into the digital space.” said Jonah Lee, Co-founder of CashShield. “Our partnership enables Scalefast to better fulfil its mission safely, allowing it to gain a comparative advantage in fraud management and profit maximization.”

Scalefast is a complete e-commerce solution for companies that want to accelerate online sales without the time, cost and risk of in-house development. By developing its own commerce platform, international operations team, and supply eco-system, Scalefast moves rapidly to help its customers launch, learn and improve their direct-to-consumer strategy. Since its inception, Scalefast has grown rapidly at a rate of nearly 3x every year. In 2016, Scalefast handled its 12 millionth order from consumers in 130 countries.

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This partnership has positive impacts for the everyday consumer. Together, Scalefast and CashShield a seamless shopping experience that virtually eliminates fraudulent orders. Consumers are able to check out faster, receiving confirmation on their orders within seconds instead of the traditional time delay of about ten minutes.