The Limitations of Magento

Operating an eCommerce business at scale in today’s fiercely competitive, fast-changing global marketplace requires numerous skill sets and a complex technology stack, all working in tandem.

While many mid-sized and even enterprise-level merchants have been able to get by with open source solutions such as Magento, brands looking for better profit margins are turning to full-service partners that can run their eCommerce business from soup to nuts, and help them scale faster.

Recognizing the limits of their competencies and capabilities, these firms are completely outsourcing their eCommerce operations to full-service providers such as Scalefast. These companies are looking for a solution that does more than just manage their storefront, and integrates with their accounting and marketing systems. They are seeking to bring all of their eCommerce operations under one roof, from front-end website design to last-mile fulfillment to customer service while keeping total control over it.

Inevitably, these companies begin their journey to a full-service partner by realizing the limitations of their current eCommerce solution. In this case study, we’ll examine the biggest drawbacks of Magento, one of the most popular off-the-shelf eCommerce platforms on the market.

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