Pouri Launches Multi-
national B2C, B2B and
Affiliate Progarams

Puori is an international, subscription-based natural supplement brand whose mission is to help bridge the gap of the most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Puori was looking to significantly expand their B2C and B2B ecommerce while adding more sophisticated affiliate marketing capabilities on a global scale. They wanted to launch subscription and loyalty programs in different regions, using a wide range of payment options and they needed to be able to connect to their ERP, CRM and other systems. Puori’s current Magento-Recurly integration was making it difficult for them to scale their business, so they chose to look for a new full-service ecommerce partner that could help them run their ecommerce operations so they could focus on making great products. Puori needed a solution with flexible and fast deployment, that was more cost-effective than using an agency and that could help them increase their average order value.
Integration with affiliate and subscription programs.
250 SKU’s
In a comprehensive product catalog.
Client Needs
A comprehensive eCommerce Platform and Service
capable of managing B2C, affiliates and B2B customers worldwide and connected with Puori’s systems and logistics.
A Powerful Subscription Capability
fully integrated with affiliate, wholesaler and loyalty programs
A Blog Platform and Ambassador Pages
with eCommerce features bridging to the online store
Territories, Languages & Currencies
with eCommerce features bridging to the online store
Product Catalog
with over 250 SKUs
Scalefast was awarded two Stevie Awards for exceptional client success by the American Business Awards!

The Scalefast Solution

Puori chose Scalefast as their all-in-one ecommerce partner because of Scalefast’s solid global footprint, team-as-a-service business model and ability to create complex loyalty and subscription programs while supporting B2B, B2C and affiliate traffic. Scalefast was tasked with building and operating Puori’s online store as well as structuring Puori’s shipping, fulfillment and back office financial and fraud support, all on a global scale.
Launched complex, global online store
in as little as 4 months.
Addressed B2B, B2C and affiliates worldwide
Launched first comprehensive loyalty and subscription program
Delivered a seamless experience to their customers
by bringing all of their eCommerce operations under one roof.
Increased sales and improved US monthly recurring revenue

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