Photo of two red luxury handbags designed by French luxury label Lancel

Flash Sales But Make it Fashion

Luxury brands are known for prestige, not promos. host your next product drop or private sale event on a specialty eCommerce site for maximum success.

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The 5 Major Types of eCommerce Event Sales to Experiment With

Are you wondering which kind of sale to run for your brand? Here’s our list of the most common types of eCommerce event sales.

What DTC Brands Need to Know About Sales Events As a Marketing Strategy

Ask an old-school retailer how to drum up new business and chances are high they’ll suggest holding a sales event. Sales are a tried and tested retail tactic for brick and mortar stores, but they aren’t as commonplace among their online counterparts. In fact, most DTC brands avoid them, says Retail Brew writer Halie LeSavage. … Continue reading “What DTC Brands Need to Know About Sales Events As a Marketing Strategy”

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What Sober Brands Can Learn From America’s Drunk Shopping Habit

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Standing Out in a Third-Party Marketplace: Guide for DTC Brands

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Marie Kondo and Consumer Minimalism: Are Changing Attitudes Changing eCommerce?

Understand what consumer minimalism and Marie Kondo’s KonMari method means for changing attitudes about consumer trends and eCommerce brands.