Common eCommerce Personalization Strategies

Personalization leads consumers to buy more and come back more often. Buyers now expect that brands collect information about them and then tailor their experience to match.

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Consumers like buying from brands that know them and their preferences. Personalization leads consumers to buy more and come back more often. In fact, today’s buyers expect brands to collect information and then tailor the shopping experience — 85% of users expect and accept web personalization as part of their online experience. Implementing eCommerce personalization strategies can increase conversions across your entire website.

The trick is turning customer data into personalization that drives sales. Many eCommerce retailers either do not gather the right information or do not have a strategy in place to capitalize on it. Here are common eCommerce personalization strategies and how to incorporate them into your digital storefront.

Create Intelligent Product Recommendations

Increase a customer’s cart size and overall purchase by recommending products that match their interests. These recommendations can be for a similar product, like the same tank top in a different color, or they can complement what the customer has already chosen, like a pair of pants or accessories to go with a blouse.

Product recommendations can be tailored to fit different profiles like geographic area, browsing behavior, past purchases, popular items and more. Manual groupings for personalization are a good place to start, but platforms that can analyze customer data and create recommendations automatically are even better. Over time, your recommendations become smarter and draw in more customers to increase their order size. Shoppers who engage with a recommended product have a 70% higher conversion rate during their session.

Build Personalized Landing Pages

Customers enter your website from different traffic sources, and personalizing where they end up is a significant opportunity to connect with a potential buyer. Level up your first impression by creating landing pages for specific personas. After all, a returning customer will have a different expectation and awareness of your brand than a new customer. Your landing page experiences should reflect that difference.

Customized landing pages use the segmentation data you have collected and build an experience to match. You can segment based on past purchasing behavior, geolocation, demographics and traffic source. And, this personalization definitely pays off. Businesses using optimization software for their landing pages see an average conversion lift of 30%.

Localize Content and Currency

The best global businesses invest in localization as an eCommerce personalization strategy. One size does not fit all for international consumers. Different regions have varying languages, currencies and buying practices. eCommerce shoppers don’t want to do back-of-napkin currency conversions or wonder about shipping time. Customers want a seamless experience, no matter where they live. Build localization into your website and redirect customers to the version of your website that makes the most sense for them.

Optimize Your Product Search

Customers cannot buy a product if they cannot find it. Sometimes customer search terms are less than ideal. Regardless of what they type in the search bar, you still want your website to serve the results that your customer wants every time. By leveraging faceted search, the metadata attributed to a product in a store helps filter and refine search queries to make it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for.

Faceted and optimized search is fast becoming the norm for eCommerce search, so you have some catching up to do if you do not have it. Once faceted search is in place, you can analyze how shoppers interact with your store and make adjustments.

Turn Customer Data Into Personalization

Even in this era of increased awareness of consumer privacy, customers still expect personalization from the brands they interact with. Making responsible use of the data you collect and collecting the data that matters most to your business is what Air360 is about. Start converting more visitors and get insight into the personalization metrics that matter most with our streamlined, intuitive user experience analytics and CRO platform.

Air360 offers tools that turn your analytics into actionable insights without having to sift through endless pools of data to find the hidden gems, including:

  • Smart funnels
  • Session replays
  • Autotracking
  • On-page analytics

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