Employee and Friends & Family Stores

Your Employees Deserve a Specialized Web Store


Promo Codes Aren't Enough

Most retailers and brands have established policies and procedures for employee and other insider purchases. Chances are they have not translated well online and that has limited the revenue potential of this all-important audience.

Employees are the first to buy and buy more often. They are your biggest fans.

In a new world order of remote work, employees are expecting remote perks and an online store that gives them access to an exclusive product catalog, the ability to invite friends and family and yes, discounts, are critical to employee experience.

And winning executives know that an engaged, creative and energetic workforce outperforms the competition in performance, customer service, valuation, and revenue.



Scalefast’s no-code platform means developing your employee store site can be launched with unique features.

Serve your employees within a closed environment that is uniquely suited to open access and increase cash flow without impinging on price integrity or creating channel conflict.

Specialized Store Features

The End-to-End Boost to Your eCommerce Business

Scalefast’s specialty stores augment and enhance your core eCommerce channel, growing with your business and shifts to your needs. Offering solutions for everything from fulfillment and payments to merchandising and development, our Team-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution provides every aspect of your business the tools required to build, optimize, and expand your promotional footprint to new audiences and markets in a success-based partnership model.

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On-demand DevOps experts
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Easy back-end integrations
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Native analytics built-in
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Quick catalog and content ingestion
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Independent or coordinated international fulfillment and 3PL
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Expert project management and client success

Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

L'Oréal's Friends & Family store was developed in just 60 days, and deployed to offer a 5-day/100-hour specialty sale. Designed for an English-language market with AUD currency and Scalefast as the merchant of record, the gated specialty sale store was created with both maximum functionality and ultimate sales capture in mind.


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Scalefast launched the Salvatore Ferragamo employee flash sale site with exceptional speed–developing and deploying a full store in three territories in three weeks. Combining fulfillment integration and customer care services, the unique domain was expertly tailored to their custom requests.

Salvatore Ferragamo

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