Fraud Management

Secure data, reliable processing

Scalefast provides a multi-stage real-time, antifraud system complete with pre and post-payment security checks. We maintain the highest standards of payment and fraud protection to keep you and your customers’ data secure. Scalefast also ensures that international banking, taxes and consumer policy requirements are met.

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The Scalefast Difference

Your brand’s proxy for international business

Scalefast manages eCommerce data protection and regulatory compliance to help your business stay ahead of GDPR and other shifting regulations. This is because Scalefast leverages its international banking relationships, payment services, tax facilities, data centers and logistics networks to give your business superior economies of scale.

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Fraud Specifics

Scalefast's multi-stage fraud protection screening maximizes customer trust and retention. Learn more below.

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From the moment a customer clicks the pay button, they go through a series of checks at lightning speed to ensure order safety.
When an order is flagged for fraud on your website, the order is cancelled and a refund is initiated (invoice and key made unavailable). If a customer claims the transaction is legitimate, the team opens an investigation and unflags the customer.  This all happens in under 24 hours.
Includes unlimited access to our proprietary fraud engine as well a dedicated fraud team.
We track acceptance rate, chargeback percentage, Paypal chargebacks, SMS sends, number of manually verified orders, number of SAFE status orders, number of rules modified and charges per territory by week.

Did you know?

Scalefast uses over 100 unique checkpoints to reduce fraud at every stage of the purchase journey.

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