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How to Break Into DTC Brand Collaboration

Brand collaborations are everywhere and they're proving to be successful for everyone. Here's a couple of notable collabs and ways your brand can get on the bandwagon.

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Everyone loves a well-executed collaboration. There is something thrilling about seeing two beloved brands or creators join forces to create something interesting, unique, and limited. That is why consumers love brand collaborations, but what is exciting for brands? Collaborations also allow brands to essentially combine their individual customer bases and generate awareness and hype for each other.

Let us talk about some of the benefits of brand collaborations and how your DTC brand can join in on the creativity and fun.

Brand Collaborations Build Hype

Collaborations are novelties, especially when they are offered for a limited time. For superfans of a brand, the opportunity to purchase and consume something out of the ordinary is very compelling. And in some cases, the wackier the combination, the more enthusiastically customers will embrace it. Here are a few examples:

LEGO Group X Levi’s

The pinnacle of nostalgia for Gen X and Millennials are jean jackets and LEGO bricks. These two brands came together to create a collaboration for Levi that incorporated the creativity and timelessness of both brands.

LEGO created a flexible base plate that was applied to jackets, truckers, jeans, hoodies and other apparel and accessories. Customers could apply mosaic tiles to create their own designs. This collaboration was successful because both brands encourage customization and creativity through building (LEGO bricks) and expression (patches and embroidery on Levi’s).

Puma X Maybelline

This collaboration brought makeup and fitness together with bold palettes and the longevity to keep a lip fresh through a workout. Each item in this collection sported the Puma and Maybelline logo. The collection was designed with sporty makeup wearers in mind. The collaboration allowed Maybelline to cash in on the athleisure trend and Puma to showcase their versatility in taking a makeup look from the office to the gym or a night out.

Brands Open New Markets

Screenshot from solo stove's blog showing the solo stove on an outdoor rug and two outdoor cushioned patio chairs

Brand collaborations are a simple way to access a brand new customer base. Customers who may have never heard of your brand before now see you alongside another brand they know and trust. The social proof is baked into a collaboration. If it is good enough for your favorite brand, then it is worth a look into the collection. This can be especially beneficial for brands that are beginning to expand out of their niche market and may not have the brand recognition of larger, more established brands.

One of the most important elements for a successful DTC brand collaboration, especially for smaller brands, is to capitalize on a complementary product. Instead of working with a competitor or a brand without any shared customer relationship, find the commonality that ties your two brands together.

A recent excellent example of this type of collaboration was Solo Stove X Outer. The outdoor firepit maker joined forces with an outdoor furniture DTC brand to create the ultimate backyard giveaway. After all, what is a fire pit without cozy furniture to relax in? In their announcement blog post, Solo Stove highlighted the quality and design of Outer’s furniture. Since Solo Stove’s brand values include great design, this was an easy win to share features and recognize a brand in an adjacent space.

Build Your Next Smashing Collaborative Success

Finding a new audience, breaking into a different market or building hype can be intimidating for DTC brands. Collaborations give you the warm welcome and buzz you need to break the ice. Whether your collaboration is a feature in a newsletter, a co-branded giveaway or a brand new collection, think creatively and give your customers something worth spreading the word about.

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