Inside Scalefast: What We Mean When We Talk About Client Success

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Amandine Soares, our Director of Client Success. Amandine is based out of our office in Lyon, France. In our interview, she talks about her critical role at Scalefast and what she loves about working with our customers.

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We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Amandine Soares, our Director of Client Success. Amandine is based out of our office in Lyon, France. In our interview, she talks about her critical role at Scalefast and what she loves about working with our customers.

Oh, there’s also a cute story about saving a dog. Wait for it…

Q: What is the mission of the Client Success Team at Scalefast?

As Client Success Managers, our job is to build and nurture close relationships with our clients, answer their questions, quickly resolve any issues with their online store or back-end operations, and contribute to their overall revenue growth by giving them the tools that they need to satisfy their own customers.

At Scalefast, Client Success Managers work with many different types of brands and learn what works well across industries. It is a real advantage since we are experts in the eCommerce domain and comfortable operating in key industries, such as gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Our Client Success Managers are learning every day how to make eCommerce work better, and they share this knowledge with each other and with our clients. Our unique platform allows all of our clients to get a cross-section view of the global eCommerce marketplace, not just their specific vertical.

The reality is that we do a little bit of everything every day to help our customers, whether it’s preparing their site for a major product launch or figuring out how to optimize their rewards program.

Q: Can you explain why each client gets a dedicated client success manager and a project manager, and how they work together?

We want our clients to have all the support that they need to run their eCommerce businesses on our platform. We never want our customers to feel like they’re going at it alone. We’re here to make the integration and ongoing operations as smooth as possible.

That’s why we match up every account with both a Client Success Manager who is their business and growth advisor, and a Project Manager who gives them visibility on the day-to-day operations as well as future developments on our platform.

Together, these two team members collaborate to optimize their customers’ storefronts and launch new promotions and store upgrades. They also work hard to give clients timely information and detailed reporting so they always know exactly how well their stores are performing.

Q: What do you like most about working with our clients?

I love being at the center of our customers’ eCommerce strategy and working closely with them to figure out what we can do better to help them exceed their revenue goals. At the same time, we have enough distance from their business that we can come in and objectively make recommendations to optimize their operations.

They trust us to be their eCommerce experts. That’s a big responsibility that we take very seriously. It’s also super exciting to be working with brands that understand how crucial it is to go direct-to-consumer and to really understand the importance of building one-to-one relationships with customers!

Q: What is your vision of client success? What does success look like for our customers?

Our goal every day is simple: We want to exceed expectations, and to do it together as a team. Our performance-based business model is at the heart of this vision so we’re aligned on the same goal as our clients, which is the success of their eCommerce business.

We succeed when our clients succeed. And success is all about bringing satisfaction to our clients by exceeding on all fronts — revenue, traffic, site performance, customer retention, etc.

Q: Do you have some personal stories of dealing with customers that would be interesting or fun to share?

A cute story that comes to mind recently involved one of our Client Success Managers in Los Angeles. A client was out of the country and left her dog, Moana, with a friend. Moana went missing over the weekend and showed up at the nearby veterinarian’s office. The vet pulled up her dog record and called her owner, but there was no answer. Next, they located her emergency contact info and — lo and behold — the first person on the list was Hitoshi, her Client Success Manager at Scalefast, whom she had chosen as the emergency contact for her pet! Hitoshi drove straight to the vet to pick up Moana and make sure she wasn’t taken to the pound. He dropped her off at home, safe and sound.

It’s kind of a silly story, but it shows how our clients really do see Scalefast as an extension of their own team — and even their family in some cases. Scalefast is more than willing to go the extra mile for our customers, eCommerce related or not.

Q: How is client success related to customer revenue? In other words, how does providing our clients with a client success manager help their stores perform better?

The Client Success Manager is the client’s eCommerce expert. In addition to being available at any time to answer questions, he or she is constantly giving recommendations and feedback to the client regarding ways they can optimize their store and operations.

They also organize recurring business reviews with deep data analysis and insights to improve sales and profits. These recommendations can be strategic or operational: adding new features, making design changes, suggesting promotions, analyzing global performance (revenue and traffic), setting up launch calendars, and so on.

Q: What are some of the biggest pain points or challenges for Scalefast clients, and how does Scalefast help to solve them?

Depending on where each client is in their eCommerce journey, their pain points and challenges really vary. What is common across the board is that brands have a hard time scaling their eCommerce when their company is booming because they don’t have the time or in-house team to tackle all the challenges that come with growth.

There’s a big desire for Scalefast to take care of those complexities involved with running a global eCommerce operation, including payment processing, logistics, tax management, customer data capture and security, eCommerce best practices, SEO, promotional strategies, managing the product portfolio, etc. The list goes on and on. So we’re happy to help with all of these aspects and pull them under one roof to gain efficiency and maintain quality.

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