The future of commerce is personalized

Develop a high-impact and data driven direct-to-consumer strategy that delights your customers. Deliver personalized customer experiences throughout the entire shopping journey with Scalefast's first-to-market analytics, retroactive user segmentation and predictive commerce capabilities.

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Business Intelligence

Deeply understand your customer with advanced analytics and segmentation that go deeper than Google Analytics.

Storefront Design

Optimize your storefront to drive powerful shopper experiences that engage and convert.

Customization & Control

Constantly and quickly customize your store's functionalities with your agile team of dedicated eCommerce experts.

Predictive Commerce

Individualize the customer experience from UX to content to checkout, and beyond.

Business Intelligence

Real-time analytics and segmentation

The Scalefast platform collects and analyzes behavioral, transactional and demographic data. Using artificial intelligence, we provide insightful analytics to then personalize the user experience at the individual level.

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How we do it

Turning data into delightful experiences for customers and revenue for our clients.

Traditional, fragmented eCommerce solutions are unable to provide the actionable insights that today’s eCommerce Managers need to keep up with their evolving consumer. Because Scalefast operates as a unified system, from storefront to delivery, we can help you make sense of your customer data, spot anomalies and take real-time decisions with a spotless analytics interface.

Our analytics are integrated at all levels of the customer journey from on-site behavior to transactions to fulfillment. We help you capture as many data points as possible and all data is in compliance with international data regulations.

We’ve made our analytics tool as easy to use as possible, no PHD’s required. Our behavioral analytics engine records, filters, and provides actionable insights in real-time. Use it to find anomalies on the site, customize the experience for your customers, or just use it for reporting.

Most data platforms make it tough to narrow in on customer segments and then, when you do want to make a segment, you have to spend development resources to tag, segment, and analyze.

Scalefast automatically tags customer segments for you, so that you can have a more granular view of your customers. Those segments are then made available in the Scalefast platform so you can customize the site based on your segments. All of our segmentation is retroactive, meaning you can create a segment and act on it immediately, rather than having to wait weeks for your segment to build.

Did you know?

Every month Scalefast turns over half a million data points into value for clients

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