Scalefast’s COVID-19 Update

Scalefast’s COVID-19 Update

As with many companies throughout the world, we at Scalefast are carefully monitoring and reacting to the changes and challenges presented by COVID-19. As a company, we are ensuring that our services are 100% available and active as usual, while also taking all necessary measures to support the safety and health of our employees.

Based on government regulations and recommendations, Scalefast has implemented social distancing for our employees, including suspending travel and ensuring that all employees are able and equipped to effectively work from home. As of March 16th, all Scalefast offices have been closed, and will remain closed for at least two weeks, dependent on government updates and future recommendations. All Scalefast employees are working from home to prevent and contain the illness in our communities. We are glad to report that our team is healthy and that our well-prepared for remote work policy has helped us maintain, if not increase, productivity. There has not been, and will not be any impact on our output or deadlines. We are confident in our ability to deliver on all expectations with these new guidelines in place.

As an international company, with employees and partners in the US and Europe, we are accustomed to working remotely from one another. We trust that our new 100% remote policy will not only protect the wellbeing of our employees, but also allow us to maintain the highest level of service to our clients.

Nicolas Stehle
CEO, Scalefast

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