Risks and Reward: Localizing International eCommerce

Until recently, online retail mostly took place domestically, with the majority of buyers and sellers coming from the same country. That’s changing — rapidly. Increasingly, consumers are seeking out international brands to find the products that they want.

The Limitations of Shopify Plus: 8 Crucial eCommerce Features You Won’t Get

Shopify’s “enterprise-level” offering, dubbed Shopify Plus, can be an efficient platform for midsize eCommerce companies with straightforward product offerings.

Scalefast Announces $8M Series A Funding Round

It is an exciting day at Scalefast, as we announce our $8 million Series A Funding round, led by Benhamou Global Ventures, with participation from Adara Ventures, B&Y, French Partners and CIC Capital.

How Your Site Speed Is Hurting Your eCommerce Business

If you operate an eCommerce business, you may already be aware of how crucial it is to have a site that loads quickly across all devices.

Why The Biggest Gaming Brands Choose Scalefast For Their eCommerce

If you’re in the gaming space, you most likely know that gaming fans are different from traditional shoppers. They often demand unique products, services, and user experiences and it is critical that your eCommerce store can engage these passionate fans with a brand experience that matches their high expectations.

What It Takes to Build an eCommerce Team From Scratch, And Key Roles You’ll Need To Fill

eCommerce is the fastest growing segment of the retail market and entrepreneurs from legacy brands to online startups are racing to capitalize on the digital gold rush.

11 Ways to Optimize Your eCommerce Site for Speed

As an eCommerce business, optimizing your site performance should be one of your top priorities. That’s because your conversions are directly affected by how quickly your pages load. Today’s consumers expect blazingly fast sites. If your online store is slow for any reason, you run the risk of losing customers and, ultimately, revenue.

Inside Scalefast: What We Mean When We Talk About Client Success

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Amandine Soares, our Director of Client Success. Amandine is based out of our office in Lyon, France. In our interview, she talks about her critical role at Scalefast and what she loves about working with our customers.

6 Smart Ways to Optimize Your eCommerce Site for Mobile Users

During 2017’s Thanksgiving weekend, more than half of visits to U.S. shopping sites — 52 percent — came from smartphones and tablets, according to Adobe Insights. It was the first time that Americans did more Black Friday shopping on mobile than on desktop.