Air360 by Scalefast

The UX analytics solution that gives you results
  • Reduce friction.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Improve loyalty.


Air360 enables visual insights, contextual replays and proactive notifications that give you instant, real-time data to facilitate faster decision making


Simply add a pixel to your GTM container to start collecting user behavior data. Our no-code solution and user-friendly interface lets you see insights within days of pixel installation.


Air360 data can be enriched by your CRM, crossed with external data sets, integrated into BI dashboards and activated into your marketing automation tools.

Stop Guessing About Customer Experience

Air360 is a smart, intuitive, connected experience analytics solution that helps you make data-driven decisions to quickly improve your eCommerce conversion.

What ROI can you expect with Air360?

Find out how much additional revenue you can generate  in the next 12 months


Set it and forget it

Say goodbye to complex, speculative tagging. Get user-level, current and retrospective data with HTML-based autotracking.

Real, Actionable User Experience Data 

Air360’s easy to use platform enables you to make the best use of your data, with retroactive visibility and a powerful behavioral segmentation engine.

On-page analytics

Use Air360 to identify page elements that successfully convert as well as opportunities to re-design for a better user experience.

Build high performing campaigns

Data has no value if you can’t do anything with it. Connect Air360 with you CRM or Marketing automation tools to push segments and create high performing campaigns.

Customers that demand excellence
in customer data analytics choose Air360