Air360 by Scalefast

User experience and conversion rate optimization

Real-time visitor data allows you to make quick fact-based decisions. Become a conversion rate hero with Air360. 





Get after what matters. Cut through the noise, complexity, and excess of endless data to focus on conversion with Air360.

With user experience data collected in real-time, you’ll have the confidence to make quick fact-based decisions. Detect friction in the user journey to understand the “what” and “how” behind lost orders and revenue.

Set it and forget it

No need for a complex tagging plan and maintenance.

Everything is tracked by default without sampling—no more decision-making based on partial data, missing audiences, or anomalies from missing or duplicate tags.

Point and click data visualization

See your site in a whole new light

Our proprietary Chrome extension helps to unlock hidden data and key website metrics with a single click on any channel and across any device.

Data sets with stunning design, made simple

Easily generate eye-catching funnels and beautiful reports easily. Clearly illustrate opportunities for improvements in user experience. Inform your revenue operations and marketing teams to optimize budgets and inventory decisions.

Quickly spot conversion killers

Watch session replays to understand the elements impacting your conversion rate so you can start designing solutions.

Air360 is your new assistant

Air360 does the math for you

Our exclusive insights dashboard analyzes 100’s of millions of data points to zero-in on the information you need— no more endless dashboards or reports.

Customers that demand excellence
in customer data analytics choose Air360

Turn your analytics into actionable insights with Air360